Sunday, October 26, 2014

Las Vegas Trip: Part 3

Hi! Long time no type! Today I'm completing my Las Vegas Trip series.

This photo was taken at Caesar's Palace, one of my favorite places ever. This place gives me a warm nostalgic feeling, plus look at those gorgeous statues and fountains!

CHOCOLATE. Although I didn't actually have some chocolate from this sweets shop, I seriously enjoyed looking at this beautiful chocolate fountain. But I couldn't leave without eating anything, so I did have a crepe and some ice cream. 

This is a final shot of the hotel I was staying at from the monorail. (If you ever get a chance I highly recommend going on the monorail as a way of transportation if you are going to travel to see hotels).

Well that was my trip! Until next time,
Sng xoxo

Monday, September 1, 2014

Las Vegas Trip: Part 2

Hi! Today, I'll be showing you 4 pictures from my trip to Las Vegas. Keep your eyes peeled for the next, and final post!

On the day I took this shot, my family and I were at an outlet shopping and this one particular store had a display of sewing machines. I couldn't pass up this photo opportunity and if you're anything like me, I'm sure you wouldn't either.

At the Wynn, they have this incredible display of flowers and trees and everything in between. I fell in love with this floral carousel there, but who wouldn't? I totally love how chic they made something that was meant to be a children's attraction.

If you go to Las Vegas, you have got to sneak a peak at these gorgeous cascading waterfalls.
I loved taking these pictures at Las Vegas, and I hope that you all love viewing them too. Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Las Vegas Trip: Part 1

Hey! I'm back! Summer was great, so to reminisce, I thought I'd show you guys the highlight of my summer. I went to Las Vegas and stayed at the Palazzo, but toured around all of the hotels. I compiled 11 pictures that I liked the most and arranged them into 3 posts, so keep your eyes out for them! Now, let's get started with part one.

On day number one, I visited one of my all time favorite places, The Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes. I seriously love the vibe I get from the canals, sky ceilings, and archways. 

My family and I ended up eating at a fabulous Italian restaurant inside the shoppes, and although it was a tiny little shop, the food was incredible and the staffing excellent.

This picture was taken in the Wynn, I believe, and  it was so gorgeous there I had to take a picture. These crystals were hung up everywhere and they looked so elegant and beautiful.
So there it is, part one out of three of my Las Vegas trip! I hope you enjoyed. Stay beautiful!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Starting Summer

Hey! Today I thought I'd post something a bit different. My friend and I got together and had a mini photo shoot. I had a blast taking these pictures so I hope you enjoy :)

I was seriously head over heels with what she was wearing. I love the bright colors she incorporated into this outfit with her flirty top and her denim jacket. The maxi she was wearing was also a great addition to the outfit. I think it really added a flowy feminine vibe to her look. Hope y'all enjoyed, and see you soon!

xo, Sng

Monday, April 14, 2014

New posting schedule

Hello!! So, I've found that i get really lazy when I tell myself I don't have to blog, so I have made a schedule. I will post every Sunday, or every other Sunday. Thanks for viewing!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dooney Bourke

Hello lovelies!! Sorry for the lack of posting :( I've just been really busy and sick. But I have a special post today! I finally bought a crossbody purse from Dooney Bourke and it is so lovely <3. I'm going to stop typing now to show you the picture.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Country Sweet

Hello! I shot these about a week ago, but I feel like I should post them now because I can't get any photography done in the rain. Do you guys like the rain? I love it. Anyways, I loved this outfit. My friend and I dressed up together and went out to eat after Saturday school (for extra credit). This look feels a little country from the brown combat boots and denim jacket. I love this look overall and I hope you like it too!

The jean jacket is from Levi Strauss
The boots and dress are from papaya, and guess what, they were only $20 and $7 respectively!!

So, I am going to high school next year and I tested for the I.B. program for two of my choice high school and I got into both of them!! I hope your day has been going as well as mine, and I'll see you next week!