Saturday, August 30, 2014

Las Vegas Trip: Part 1

Hey! I'm back! Summer was great, so to reminisce, I thought I'd show you guys the highlight of my summer. I went to Las Vegas and stayed at the Palazzo, but toured around all of the hotels. I compiled 11 pictures that I liked the most and arranged them into 3 posts, so keep your eyes out for them! Now, let's get started with part one.

On day number one, I visited one of my all time favorite places, The Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes. I seriously love the vibe I get from the canals, sky ceilings, and archways. 

My family and I ended up eating at a fabulous Italian restaurant inside the shoppes, and although it was a tiny little shop, the food was incredible and the staffing excellent.

This picture was taken in the Wynn, I believe, and  it was so gorgeous there I had to take a picture. These crystals were hung up everywhere and they looked so elegant and beautiful.
So there it is, part one out of three of my Las Vegas trip! I hope you enjoyed. Stay beautiful!

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